Wilwood Brakes at the RVA Graphics Sonoma Grand Prix

This past weekend out in rainy Sonoma California, ChumpCar hosted it’s RVA Graphics Sonoma Grand Prix endurance event at Sonoma Raceway.  While the rest of the country saw warm temperatures and blue skies, California was getting hammered with rain.  Lots of rain!  Fortunately for the 34 cars that took to the track on Saturday, the rain held off and teams were able to race on a cool but dry track.  One of those 34 entries was the #111 Pontiac Fiero of the Wilwood Brakes team.

Driven by company owner and founder Bill Wood along with a few of his competitive employees, the car runs in many of ChumpCar’s California events.  At Sonoma, the Wilwood Fiero started strong with owner Bill Wood behind the wheel.  After about an hour, the car rolled to a stop on the back straightaway.  As the car was being towed in, the team was asked if they knew what the problem was.  With a chuckle, they said, “It ran out of gas.”  It seems that car owner Bill Wood was having so much fun on track, that he forgot to pit for fuel!

After a full tank of gas and a new driver, the car was back on track.  The car avoided trouble and clicked off consistent laps for most of the day, putting down a best time of 2:14.476.  Later in the day when asked how things were going, Bill Wood responded, “Car is fun to drive.  It’s a little down on power, but it has great brakes!”  The down on power quote may have been a sign of problems for the Fiero, as late in the day, the Wilwood team was towed in once more.  This time it wasn’t for lack of fuel in the tank, but engine problems.  After completing 132 laps, the Wilwood team was done for the day, finishing in 25th place.  Next up – Laguna Seca.