Wheel Weight Tech

Wheel weights. You take your wheels to the tireshop. Have those new tires installed. The tire guy gives you a big bill for the service. You get out on the track and within a few laps the car is bouncing all over the place and your steering wheel is shaking your teeth loose. What the heck happened?

Your wheel weights flew off!

But why?

Because they just do. It happens. These things are designed to work on cars going highway speeds.

So how can you keep these expensive guys on?


First off I have found that “Winter/Cold Weather” weights are the best. They stick better and stay on during ALL weather conditions. Click the link below to view one style of winter weights and how they work. Racing Strong Motorsports uses weights like this purchased from various vendors on eBay and Amazon.

The other idea we have learned over the years is to duct tape the weights in place.


They use Gorilla Tape. It sticks in all conditions. But, you do need to clean the wheel well before use. Clean wheels make this job easy and your wheelman will thank you for it.

So keep those weights in place by using cold weather weights, and duct tape them in place.

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