Miata Hardtops

So this little guy costs 250 points?  For six years the answer has been yes.  Headers?  50 points.  Camshaft?  100 points.  Factory hardtop?  250 points.  Doesn’t seem fair, does it?  Well the board didn’t think so either, so at the last board meeting they kicked it around over appetizers at Texas Roadhouse and decided that the factory Mazda Miata hardtop should be included in the car’s MPV.  After all, it was sold that way from the dealer.

So from now on, Miatas with the OEM hardtop get zero points added to their TCV.  You might pick up a little aero advantage over your old look, but your weight and CG will go up.  In my opinion, totally worth it to not get soaked at Sebring!  Questions?  Email tech@chumpcar.com or info@chumpcar.com.

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