Arm Restraints & Roof Nets


Back in July, Phil and I made a quick video to announce a recent board approved change to our rules.  Previously, if you had an open top car, you were required to use arm restraints and a roof net.  Based on the extensive feedback we received and a petition, the board voted to change the rule from “and” to “or”.  In other words, the rule now reads: Roof Nets: Roof nets are still considered a valuable safety tool and teams may utilize roof nets without value add or penalty.  Arm restraints are not required if a roof net is used.
Those of you with open top cars may now choose whether you prefer to jump in the seat through the top and snap into your arm restraints or get in through the door and have a net over your head.  Just make sure your net is securely mounted with appropriate hardware!  Questions?  Email or

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